Thank you, morning news programs, for the YouTube videos

I don’t watch morning news programs frequently, usually because I’m running so late in the a.m. that I’m lucky to put on two matching shoes.

Yesterday, however, was one of those rare mornings where I had a full 15 minutes to eat breakfast and watch a little T.V. Being a journalism student, I thought it’d be most appropriate for me to watch the Today Show or some other morning news staple instead of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

It’s no secret that morning news programs produce a blend of hard and soft news. Most people don’t want to wake up and hear bad news. We’d rather watch animal talent shows (the horse that played basketball totally should’ve won) or our favorite Today Show anchors learning to do Gangnam Style.


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So, since it seems we’ve been waking up to a lot of bad news lately, here’s a roundup of morning news-inspired clips. Because sometimes you just need a little good news.

Take it away, cat licking a vacuum cleaner!


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Not to be outdone, here’s Boo, the world’s cutest dog.


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This duck following a puppy.


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This baby in a bathtub laughing hysterically at a dog.


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This puppy who just can’t handle this dandelion right now.


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And, finally, these otters holding hands.


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Bless it.


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