That guy stole my face: An exploration of doppelgängerdom (predominately in the form of Disney characters)

I have been told only twice in my life that I looked like someone famous. The first was in college, when my physical therapist told me I looked like Mandy Moore (I don’t, but I’ll take it). She subsequently diagnosed me with “cockeyedid knees.” I’m still searching WebMD.

The second was this summer, when a sweet first-grade girl wrapped in a giant pool towel told me I looked like Merida, the heroine of the Disney movie Brave.  Having experimented in my bathtub with a bottle of red hair dye a month earlier, I guess I kind of did.


Courtesy of

But no one has ever mistaken me for the president of the United States (although, I have been working on my triceps, so I’m a dead ringer for the first lady).

Louis Ortiz has been mistaken for President Barack Obama. In fact, he’s made a living as an Obama impersonator. Ortiz was featured on last week’s This American Life with Ira Glass (the interview was actually recorded in February of 2012, but seeing as how I’ve been living under a rock for the past 21 years, it was news to me).

In the interview, Ortiz, who had lost his job in 2008 and was playing pool in the Bronx to make ends meet, said he decided to wear a suit to Yankee Stadium, just to see how people would react. His face was on the jumbotron in no time, and mothers were handing him their babies to be kissed. No lie. He actually kissed babies. But just look at him, I would’ve thrown my first born his way, too.


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I love it. So, I turned to my trusty sidekicks, Pinterest and procrastination, to find more doppelgängers. After a very respectable and intelligent amount of time spent on the Internets, I present my findings:

The kid who looks like Linguini from Ratatouille 


Courtesy of

This chubby boy scout who looks like the kid from Up


Courtesy for

Chuck Norris and Vincent Van Gogh


Courtesy of

Justin Timberlake and this old-timey criminal


Courtesy of

Jack Black and the Barber of Seville


Courtesy of

and, wait for it…

This old man and Carl from Up


Courtesy of


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