Man’s (and media’s) best friend: Dogs in the news

It had to happen sooner or later, a dog blog. I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m one of those people who is way too attached to their dog. My poorly-behaved Boston Terrier, Tuck, is curled up next to me, snoring louder than a full-grown man. img_9915.jpg

It seems that I’m in good company.

The Obamas’ dog, a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo, has barked his way into the spotlight. He even has his own Wikipedia page and at least six separate Twitter accounts. What’s an even more impressive Internet feat for the kingly canine–the Huffington Post’s entire page dedicated to the First Dog, which is home to a number of photo slideshows, videos and articles. Woof.


Courtesy of

Not to be outdone, The Onion recently got in on the Bo Obama action. The satirical news organization published an article titled “Bo Obama Receives Visiting Dognitaries From Furuguay,” which includes a number of four-legged puns (try diplomutts, minimum wag laws and flea trade agreements on for size).

But Bo isn’t the only dog that the media have found fetching. Back in 2010, a small article about a stray puppy rescued from a frozen set of Bessemer, Ala. train tracks found its way to computer screens across the country. Bless him.


Courtesy of

Three years later, the story about Tracks the dog is still pretty easy to find (it’s the first thing to pop up if you Google “frozen train tracks”).

From frozen paws to politics, dogs are making headlines, and we’re eating it up. While dog-centric stories certainly aren’t the most hard-hitting pieces of news, they’re a much-appreaciated reprieve from filibusters and budget cuts, making dogs man and media’s best friend.




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